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Spilling The Tea About Massage Therapy

Massage has been a huge topic at The Modern Medical Spa lately for many different reasons. First reason being MASSAGE THERAPY is new to The Modern Medical Spa in Hartsville, SC and we can't be more thrilled to offer this for our clients. Massage is known for relaxing and calming the body, which is always much needed, but massage is also a very important tool that can be used in promoting mental and physical health. Here at The Modern Medical Spa, we want to incorporate both relaxation and healing into our massages. Billie Jo Tillman, Massage Therapist, has been in this industry for over 18 years and has experience in acupuncture and cryoprotects. Billie Jo has a healing touch that will have you leaving healed, renewed and refreshed by incorporating OSEA nourishing oils and creams into our massage and body treatments. The Modern Medical Spa welcomes you with opening arms to help soothe your mind, body and soul.

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Healing Cocoon

A sea salt and botanical body scrub increases circulation, softens, and exfoliates dull skin to prepare it for envelopment in a decadent marine body mask. This age defying blend is infused with Algae, White Tea, Copper and Zinc Peptides to plump, firm, tone and deeply moisturize your skin from head to toe. 120 minutes.

120 min price $250

Modern Age-Defying Massage

This luxurious journey begins with an energizing body polish treatment to gently exfoliate roughness and smooth skin. A deeply relaxing and skin softening full body massage follows, using seaweed-infused oils. Skin is left feeling firm, supple and glowing. Two OSEA BodyCare take home products.

90 min price $209

Deep Tissue Massage

A full body, deep tissue massage releases tense muscles, Undaria oil gently relieves soreness and inflammation helping your body feel renewed and refreshed.

30 min price $80

60 min price $105

90 min price $150

Modern Signature Massage

Experience complete relaxation with the classic Swedish massage designed to alleviate tension and restore balance enhanced by our nourishing OSEA organic oils.

30 min price $80

60 min price $105

90 min price $150

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