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Massage Therapy 

There’s a difference between feeling better and living better

Have a kink in your neck that refuses to leave? We’ll help evict it. Our unique approach to massage therapy will help your body work better so you can live better.

Neck Massage

Classic Swedish Massage 

A traditional Swedish massage involves light, gentle strokes which help calm the body and mind. Techniques, such as muscle kneading and rolling, long sweeping strokes, and friction are involved in a Swedish massage. Every area of the body worked on, begins and ends with the same motion to bring the entire experience full circle. 

Shoulder Massage

Deep Tissue Massage 

A deep tissue massage is used to mainly treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. Expect slow, deep pressure applied to targeted areas to release muscle tension. The application of this type of intense pressure helps break up scar tissue and may also help promote faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. However, not all deep tissue massages are the same. You, as the client, still have control of the pressure so that it is still a relaxing experience and are able to come out feeling light as a feather!

Exfoliation Treatment

The Lymphatic 

This gentle two-hour full-body lymphatic drainage massage manually moves fluid (lymph) throughout the body to attack toxins, promote circulation, relieve pain from fluid retention, and build natural immunity. This amazing treatment will have your body feeling renewed and you leaving {ADDICT}ed to the results!

Hot Stones Massage

Full Body Fire

Escape with a 15-minute aromatic hot-oil head and neck massage. Then melt away to a 60-minute full-body hot stone massage. This luxurious treatment will have you walking out feeling like your best self!


The Modern Prenatal 

The perfect full body massage for Mama’s-to-be! This signature prenatal massage (side laying) coupled with a traditional Swedish technique will have your entire body and new found areas of tension leaving refreshed and relaxed!

Mud Treatment

The Modern Peel & Massage 

Revive your glow with this one-hour full body treatment! The GLOW UP begins with lymphatic drainage using our signature dry brushing technique followed by our Illuminized Peel and topped off with a shea butter…leaving you refreshed, hydrated, and GLOWING from head-to-toe!

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