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2023 Brackish Gift Guide

Timeless Bowties

Gift the charm of everlasting style with Brackish's modern take onthe classic bowtie. Ideal for the discerning individual who appreciates refined elegance, these bowties add a touch of feather flair to formal wear.

Showstopping Studs

These are not your average studs! These small silhouettes bring a subtle yet impactful statement to your everyday look. Featuring a variety of favorite featherways, there is sure to be a color combination fit for every unique style.

Arm Candy

Cuffing season is here and we have a great for those who love to layer their accessories and experiment with their style. Brackish cuffs come in three stunning silhouettes, each different from the next.

Chic Chains

Brackish collection offers a trio of distinct necklace silhouettes to suit every style. Surprise a loved one this season with a memorable gift that reflects their unique taste.

Can't Decide?

Give the gift of choice with The Modern Gift Certificate. Let your loved ones explore our Brackish collections in store.

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